1 preposition
1 in a higher position than something: Our office is above the hairdresser's. | Raise your: arms above your head.
-see also: over 1, -opposite below1 (1)
2 more than a particular number, amount, or level: 500 feet above sea level | Tonight temperatures should be above freezing.
-opposite below 1 (2)
3 to a greater degree than someone or something else: The management has always valued hard work above good ideas. | above and beyond (=to a much greater degree): bravery above and beyond the call of duty
4 higher in rank, power, or authority: A captain is above a lieutenant.
-opposite below 1 (3)
5 louder or having a higher pitch than other sounds: You can always hear her voice above everybody else's.
6 be above (doing) sth to consider yourself so important that you do not have to do all the things that everyone else has to do: She seems to think she's above doing any housework. | politicians who think they are above the law
7 above suspicion/reproach/criticism etc so good that no one can question or criticize you
8 above all (else) used to emphasize that something is more important than the other things you have already mentioned: Max is fair, hardworking, and above all honest.
9 get above yourself to think you are better or more important than you really are
-see also: over and above over 1 (13) 2 adverb
1 in a higher place than something else: I heard a strange noise coming from the room above.
2 more than a particular number, amount, or level: Children aged 10 and above are not allowed in the learner pool.
3 higher in rank, power, or authority: officers of the rank of Major and above
4 formal used in a book, article etc to describe someone or something mentioned earlier in the same piece of writing: See above. | Write to the address given above for further information.
-opposite below 2 USAGE NOTE: ABOVE FORMALITY Above meaning `mentioned earlier' is only used in technical or official writing. In everyday writing you are more likely to put: As I said earlier... (= ...stated above) | The facts discussed before... (= ...discussed above) | Please contact me at the address I have given you (= ...at the above address) | From the last few paragraphs (= from the above paragraphs). 3 adjective
1 (only before noun) used in a book, article etc to describe someone or something mentioned earlier in the same piece of writing: For the above reasons, the management has no choice but to close the factory.
2 the above formal (singular or plural) the person or thing mentioned before in the same piece of writing: The above is the profit before tax. | All the above are asked to attend tomorrow's meeting.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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